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3.2V Lifepo4 Prismatic cells are our mainly produced cells. A prismatic cell is a cell whose chemistry is enclosed in a rigid casing. LFP prismatic cells offer an opportunity to drive down costs by diminishing the number of manufacturing steps. And we can make the high capacity single cells. 

Now Benergy produces prismatic cells which capacity covers 5AH,7AH, 10AH,15AH, 20AH, 25AH, 40AH,50AH,60AH,100AH....302AH. To make your battery packs, fewer cells are needed to achieve the same amount of energy,which reduces the faliure rate for the whole battery pack and reduced the pack making costs.

What's more, several types of Benergy LFP prismatic cells are in screw terminal design and very easy for battery pack composing.Customer can replace any cell if there's problem after long time using.

With long time researching and developing, Benergy started to produce plastic shell in prismatic shape in 2009. Then we change to produce our second generation prismatic cells in alumium shells. We also developed high discharge rate cells, like 7AH cells which support 58C discharge, and low temperature prismatic cells which can work under -40­°C. For more information, please check the detail sepecification or contact us directly.

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