Benergy has successfully developed LiFePO4 technology used on Electric Vehicle. Our LiFePO4 Batteries can offer high peak power even near the end depth of discharge, almost the same as fully charged state, which makes that electric vehicle has excellent performance with starting/accelerating/climbing. Also batteries could accept large charging current as energy regeneration when EV braking or reducing speed.

Why Lifepo4 battery is more suitable for electric vehicles? 

l  High power: Higher charge and discharge rate for better performance and efficiency.

l  High energy density

l  Excellent safety: Superior abuse tolerance

l  Extended cycle life: Long battery life in both deep and shallow cycling.

l  No memory effect:

l  Low self-discharge rate: less that 5% per month

l  Wide working temperature range: -20°C--60°C

l  Light weight: lighter 1/3 than the lead-acid batteries

l  Environmental friendly

OEM/ ODM is welcome!