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  • Australia Customer visited Benergy Lifepo4 Battery Pack Production Line


    Australia Customer visited Benergy Lifepo4 Battery Pack Production Line Read More

  • How Do Lfp Batteries Work?


    LFP batteries work by using a lithium ion to create an electrical charge. The lithium ion is then transferred to the negative electrode, where it creates a current. This current is then used to power the device. How does a Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery work?Where can we find Lithium Ion Phosphate Ba Read More

  • Applications of Lifepo4 Batteries


    Lithium ion phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 or LFP Batteries) are a type of rechargeable battery with many advantages and uses. From powering electric vehicles to providing continuous power for medical devices, these versatile batteries can provide the energy needs of a wide range of applications. Thei Read More

  • Low Temperature Batteries.


    Benergy develops low temperature 3.2V 40AH and 3.2V 50Ah prismatic lifepo4 cells which can charge and discharge under-40°C. Benergy low temperature batteries can be used in the cold chain, where consistent temperatures as low as -40°C need to be maintained in order to preserve tissue samples, transp Read More

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