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Correct Use Of Lithium Battery

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Lithium battery is an increasingly widely used energy storage and conversion device, because of its excellent electrochemical performance to achieve such a line of small - medium - large market application scenarios with the times, when we talk about the correct use of lithium batteries, usually refers to In terms of small applications, i.e. consumer electronics, such as smartphones and laptops. Because medium and large applications are based on small application technology, so small applications have common characteristics, while medium and large applications are much more complex, usually, medium applications are in the new energy vehicles, generally we call them power batteries; large applications are usually in the base station, generally we call them energy storage batteries. Therefore, when we talk about "lithium battery use", the lithium battery is limited to small applications in line with people's customary understanding.

Lithium battery works on the principle of charging to reserve energy, discharging into other energy and release. In neither charging nor discharging in the idle state, therefore, the correct use of lithium batteries on the general aspects of the three: correct charging, correct discharge, correct maintenance.

The correct charging method of lithium batteries

Grasp the time to prevent overcharging. The right time to do the right thing, although, the lithium battery itself has excellent electrochemical properties, however, any kind of things in deviation from the equilibrium state will be a safety hazard. To elaborate, 1. When charging is charging. In the early days of the emergence of smart phones, each cell phone manufacturers out of the initial intention to protect their interests, often emphasize the original charger (including charging cable) to charge the power-using devices, some manufacturers design special data line, and do not support other chargers (including charging cable). Later, as smart phones and laptops are more and more widely used, it is obvious that this is a cocoon, so now we have basically unified the standard, a charger / line to be able to charge different brands and nature of electrical appliances. Charging is convenient, the user should pay attention to a problem is to try to keep the battery with the normal use of power at all times. Under normal circumstances, when the power is too little, cell phones and laptops will have a reminder, then you need to make up the power in time, although the power is too low will not lead to direct safety accidents, but overuse, over time will cause damage to the battery structure.

2, full can. Lithium battery cells are also made up of many components inside, new batteries are okay, if it is used for a longer period of time, maybe which component function will decline, so it will happen overcharge safety risks. Samsung, Apple was exposed to the typical accident, there are several are because the owner of the appliance to sleep when the phone put the bedside charging, and finally triggered the combustion and explosion.

3, do not dual-use. I have experience, while charging while using the phone, especially when playing games is very easy to feel the phone heat, the reason is also very simple, the phone is equal to playing two jobs at the same time, which makes it have to pay super times the labor, the body will naturally heat up.

Lithium battery correct discharge method

Charge in time to prevent over-discharge. Ordinary cell phone users are not aware of the hazards of over-discharging, because usually over-discharging has not been reported as a safety accident. Moreover, some people even think that regular deep discharge is good for the maintenance of battery performance. This is not true, because the memory effect of lithium batteries is negligible, and there is no deep discharge to eliminate the memory effect. Theoretically, the total cycle life of lithium batteries will be greater deep discharge, but the risk is that excessive battery discharge will lead to low battery voltage, can not be charged properly, and sometimes it will take a long time to turn on, or even not turn on. The lesser of two evils, a short life is better than not being able to use, so I advise users of cell phones and laptops not to often use to black screen.

Lithium battery correct maintenance

Temperature appropriate, prevent hot and cold. In idle, lithium batteries usually do not occur in a safety accident, the purpose of daily maintenance is to make lithium batteries in a suitable environment, thereby delaying the aging of the battery. In fact, one of the parameters of the lithium battery design is the appropriate temperature, relatively speaking, the temperature is lower than the problem, but if placed in a higher temperature, as the saying goes, the opposite is true, there will be safety problems. We say that the idle state is only in terms of the normal environment, if the lithium battery into the water or near the fire source that has been removed from the topic of "maintenance", then, in the normal environment to do what? Water aspects of moisture and heat to prevent exposure to the sun. Therefore, the appropriate environment for the daily maintenance of lithium batteries should be four words: ventilation, shade. Whether the lithium battery is independent idle or in the use of electrical appliances to be used, should follow these four words.

In the correct use of lithium batteries, lithium battery charging method is the most important, because the incorrect charging method will cause safety problems, while the discharge and daily maintenance affects only the service life of lithium batteries, lithium batteries themselves are also a consumable, no matter what approach we take can not avoid its eventual loss, but we use the correct method to slow down its aging.

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