Company advantages             

Management Team——Consist of technical elites and professional managers know lithium batteries well.  

Quality control—— Advanced bar code database management system. (During the producing process, the defective products would be selected automatically, every pack is made by well selected cell of good consistency ) 

Research and developing—— We have experienced engineers and researching team and keep on improving our technology. (Now our 10Ah Lifepo4 battery IR≤3mΩ, Cycle life≥2500 times, which exceeds the common standard of IR 5~10 mΩ, cycle life 2000)

Quick response—— Sample production finished within 10 days, customerized sample within 25 days. 

Product advantages:  


1. Long cycle life. Lifepo4 battery can reach 2000+ cycles, which is several times greater than Ni-MH, Ni-Cd or lead-acid.
2. No toxic, or polluting material is contained. Such as lead, cadmium, mercury) is not contained in our lithium battery, which is a kind of green battery.
3. High safety. Benergy LiFePO4 is an intrinsically safer cathode material than Lithium-ion since exothermic reactions can not occur in batteries based on this material LiFePO4 cells do not incinerate or explode under extreme conditions.
4. Good performance in high-current discharge cycles. We can design different capacity and size according to your demands.

5. Experienced battery manufacturing and matching technology. Our batteries can be made into “Ready-to-use” energy storage systems. Every cell produced at Benergy's factory is individually electrically tested on automated testing equipment and the test results logged into Data Management System.

6. Strict quality control before shipping.  Any cells have problems are selected out before packing. And after packing, we do professional testing. The testing parameters include the internal resistance, capacity, self-discharge rate, voltage and charge / discharge curves etc. These are the reasons why our battery packs have a superior quality over other competitors.

For many applications, our battery systems result in significantly lower total cost of ownership over lead acid because lighter-weight, longer-life batteries means fewer replacements, reduced maintenance and service costs, less shipping and material handling costs, and lower total inventory carrying costs.

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