With the emergence of wind & solar power and other new energy sources, the development of intelligent grid technology as well, large -scale energy storage station is becoming to meet peak power allocation. Benergy is developing he environmental-protection  lithium-ion energy storage battery with the lightest, fast charge and discharge, cycle file more than than 10,000 times to meet the future demand of energy storage stations and new energy vehicle charging stations. Benergy strives to become an advanced enterprise in the energy storage battery industry field.

The application ranges from small portable personal energy storage (as auxiliary backup power for mobile phones), to medium size family energy storage to buffer the green energy generated by wind turbine or solar panel, to large enterprise or utility level energy storage.

And Benergy 12V &24V standard lithium ion battery with excellent safety,high energy density, cell voltage detection, which could be connected with BMS to monitor the matter as well, which is most suitable for energy storage battery.