24V 40AH Solar Storage Lithium Batteries Lifepo4 with Charger controller and Solar PV panel

Benergy specialize in LiFePO4 Battery for several years, with the strength of Excellent Safety, Superior Life and Lower self-discharge, with good quality and pretty competitive price. Our Solar Photovoltaic LiFePO4 storage battery benefits below:



1) 100% safe:No explosion and will not catch fire under collision ,over charged or short circuit .Achieve CE certificate which guarantees the safety of the Li-ion battery .

2) Extremly Long cycle life:More than 2000 cycle life,would be 8 times life of lead acid and 3 times of Ni-H,2 times of most lithium batteries .

3) High Energy Density. Small in size and light in weight, same capacity LiFePO4 battery, 1/3 weight of Lead Acid, 2/3 size of Lead Acid.

4) High rate capability:3C continuous discharge, 5-10C burst, suitable for all high power output application .

5) Wide working temperature range.  It can be able discharge  within minus 20 degree to 70 degree .

6) No memory effect:Always ready for charge and use ,with no need to charge after a full discharge .

7) Environment-friendly: Our battery without any hazardous and noxious substances, do no harm to the environment ,be rest assured to use .

8) High working efficiency. The watt-hour efficiency of LiFePO4 is more than 95% in the useful life period.

9) LiFePO4 Cell is 3.2V voltage, it could direct to match the white LED light efficiently, no need DC/DC translation circuit, no energy loss.


Other Applications of Benergy Lifepo4 Battery:

Electric bike, Electric wheelchair, Electric scooter, Electric motorcycle, Golf cart, Electric robot, Vacuum cleaner, Electric mower, Wind/solar energy storage ...