1MWH 20FT Container Lifepo4 Battery  Mobile Charging System    

The system is integrated in a 20-foot standard container, with built-in energy storage 4 battery clusters, 1 control cabinet (4 channels), 2 sets of charging piles, and one set of air conditioning and lighting systems. The container charging port is located on the right side of the container, and the discharge positions are distributed on the left and right sides of the box.

The mobile charging system, hereinafter referred to as the charging system, mainly solves the following problems:

* The problem of charging queuing for pure electric vehicles during the limited travel period, and arrange mobile or fixed charging points according to operational needs

* Solve the peak pressure on the power grid side by staggering the power grid peak through mobile supplementary power and fixed slow charging and quick release

* Solve the problem of wasting time for pure electric vehicles to find charging piles outside the starting point, ending point and working route. It can run more quickly and increase operating efficiency by running too many times.

Appearance of the power supply cabinet

Physical map for reference

Battery system

The entire system consists of 8 battery clusters, with a total system capacity of about 1.06MWh.

The discharge system is equipped with two 320kW single-gun charging piles, which conforms to the "Design Specification for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations" (GB50966-2014),"Engineering Technical Standards for Distributed Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles" (GB/T51313-2018), "Specifications for Construction and Completion Acceptance of Electric Vehicle Charging and Switching Facilities" (NB/T33004-2013) and other national and industry standards and specifications and Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Municipal regulations on the construction, operation and management of charging facilities. The charging system can charge 4 external electric vehicles at the same time. The topology of the energy storage system is shown in Figure 11.

The specific performance parameters of the pile are shown in Table 3 and the Product Manual of Vehicle-mounted Charging Pile.

System parts: