Battery management system or battery protection circuit is necessary to make sure batteries continuously under the specified conditions as datasheet written. 

A BMS is used to protect the battery pack during charge and discharge process, the main functions of BMS are:

1. Over-current protection  

2. Over-voltage protection(during charging)

3. Under-voltage protection (during discharging), especially important for all Li-ion cells

4. Over-temperature protecting

5. Balancing the cells during charging. 

An advanced, dedicated, high-quality BMS could effectively extend the lifespan of battery pack, and BMS could prevent battery pack from abnormal / bad status, battery pack always have nice performance. We could offer nice BMS with time proved. 

Some of customers would develop battery protection circuits by themselves. In practical application, requirements from customer are different and it depends on customer's design for the whole system.Our R & D would offer the best solutions and technical support tohelp customer fully realize their energy storage system.