12V 30AH Lithium Battery, full replace lead acid battery.

Model No.: BPS-1230AHP  


1. Long cycle life: Signle cell cycle life more than 3000 times (charge and discharge at 0.2C, 80% capacity retention after 3000 cycles);

2. High safety: No fire and explosion in overcharge test;

3. Good charging and discharging performance;

4. All raw material of the batteries are environmental-friendly;

5. Wide working temperature range: From -10℃ to 60℃, extremely cold and hot weather will not affect its performance.

6.Produced with automatic equipments.

12V Lithium battery to replace lead acid battery:

Why choose lithium battery to replace lead acid battery?

  • High Energy Density. Size about 2/3 of same capacity lead acid battery. Weight about  1/2 of same capacity lead acid battery.

  • Eco Friendly. No lead or other hazerdous raw materials, more easy to recycle.

  • Longer cycle life. Lifepo4 battery cycle life can reach 2500 times which is more than 5 times longer than lead acid battery.

  • Can discharge under low temperature. Lifepo4 battery can work under -20 ºC



Mini E-car, e-bikes, e-scooter, e-motorcycles, Road Sweeper, golf cart, electric wheelchair, startup car battery


Telecom Base station, Lighting, Small Doctor instruments, Stand by Power, Mining lighting, LED torch, Video, Heating garment, data acquisition power, Electric water pump, Road side night warning indicator, laser sensor

Power tools

Electric lawn mower, electric drill, electric vacuum cleaner, Electrical tools

Power storage system

Solar system, Solar pv system, Solar LED street light,Tidal energy, Wind / solar energy, on & off grid solar system

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